Double glazed window fittings are becoming industry standard for anyone who takes comfort, security and energy efficiency seriously. If you are in the Peterborough or Cambridgeshire area and want to take your standard single pane windows to a more efficient level, contact us today about our double (and triple) glazed window fitting services.


If you aren’t sure why double glazed window fittings are the ideal choice for any residential window, then you will want to consider the following benefits of our professionally installed double glazed window fitting services.


Improved energy efficiency

Energy Efficient Windows

Old homes are not energy efficient by our modern standards, but that doesn’t mean that your home’s energy efficiency can’t be improved through gradual changes. If you have an older home, replacing your traditional single glazed windows with a double glazed window fitting can significantly improve energy efficiency. A double or triple glazed window fitting will ensure that your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard, which in turn means that they don’t need to use as much energy to keep your home at a comfortable level. This leads to more efficient energy use throughout the year, saving you money and wasting less energy as a whole.


All homes can benefit from improved energy efficiency as well–not just older homes.


Noise reduction

If you have ever worried that the neighbors could hear your television or you’ve ever been woken up from a nap by the sounds of the neighborhood outside, then one of the issues may be your single glazed windows. Double glazed windows can provide significant noise reduction which limits the ability of noise inside your house to escape; and noise outside your home to find its way in. Noise reduction improves your privacy and ensures that the neighbors won’t need to complain about hearing your television playing in the middle of the day.


All-season insulation

Double glazed window fittings are perfect for providing additional insulation all year, whether it’s the colder winter months or the hotter summer months. Insulation is not only essential for energy efficiency as explained above, but it is crucial in keeping your home a comfortable temperature and preventing certain types of temperature-related damage. For instance, if you have pets in the home, then you may have noticed that poorly insulated windows can make it difficult for them during the more extreme months. Installing double glazed window fittings can keep the temperatures from dropping to a bitterly cold or rising to an uncomfortably hot level when you’re not at home.


Added security

uPVC Security Windows

Your home’s security is important for your safety and peace of mine. Double glazed windows fittings are significantly more difficult to break than single glazed window fittings, which makes them an essential part of your home’s security.


If you are ready to have double glazed window fittings installed in your Peterborough or Cambridgeshire home,

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