If you have ever taken a look at home improvement websites, then you have likely come across options for fascias, soffits and similar terms related to your home. The average layperson does not know what those terms mean, even though most homeowners would recognize these facets of their home if they saw a photograph. The following is a layman’s guide that will help you understand fascias, soffits, and how to choose the right fascias and soffits for your home.


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What are Fascias?

House Fascia


Fascias are long boards which run along the lower edge of your home’s roof like the image above. A fascia is designed to be directly fixed to the end of your roof trusses; fascias are intended to provide strong support to the bottom row of tiles on your roof in addition to supporting any guttering.


Fascias must be incredibly strong, durable and properly installed due to the sheer amount of weight they must support on a regular basis. Their support strength is even more necessary during periods of rain or storms; consider that a few gallons of water per second will be rushing into the gutters during a rainstorm, and you will understand why the construction and installation of fascias must be precise.


What are Soffits?

Soffits on a House

Soffits and fascias go hand in hand. Soffits are long boards which are tucked underneath the fascia board and are more visible than the fascia with most home setups. A soffit is designed to help provide adequate ventilation to the roof area; without proper ventilation, it is likely that excess condensation will develop in various segments of the roof. Over time, this condensation will cause rot and contribute to timber and wood decay.


Installing Fascias and Soffits For Your Home


Unless you have experience in home construction and maintenance, it is best to let the professionals choose which fascias and soffits are best for your home. Due to the importance of both the fascia and the soffit in ensuring that your home and roof are adequately supported and ventilated, it is vital that the right equipment is chosen for the job.


Our professional service team can answer any queries you may have regarding which fascias and soffits are most appropriate for your home. We are dedicated to providing only the topmost quality service in regards to fascia, soffit and all related components installation.


It is also vital that your fascias and soffits are professionally and properly installed. Improperly installed fascias can cause structural weakness and damage, whereas improperly installed soffits can lead to root rot and damage. Our professional team has years of experience in installing both fascias and soffits, so you can rest assured the job will be done properly.


If your home requires new fascias and soffits, and you live in the Peterborough or Cambridgeshire area, contact our professional team today about our professional fascias, soffits and window fittings services. We are an approved Fensa installer